Annie does Porn - Chapter 1

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Brad was sitting at the computer looking at the latest images of his twelve-year-old daughter wearing a very sexy nurse's uniform. He had been surprised at how good Annie was at modelling and how much she enjoyed it. She was also now one of the more popular and sought after young or pre-teen models in the region. And he thought of the fact that, for three years now, he'd been having sex with his daughter. There had been some close calls over the years of being caught by his wife, Deborah. But he and Annie had managed to keep their not so little secret... from everyone.

Brad looked at the picture again, felt his hard cock twitch, and was about to get his cock out of his trousers when he heard his daughter call out, "I'm home Daddy." He looked to see his daughter walking towards him wearing her school uniform of a black blazer, white blouse, a red and gold stripe tie and a black pleated skirt with white socks and black shoes. Brad said, "Hi, Sweetheart. How was your day at school?"

Annie said, "It was OK. Got the usual crap from most of the other kids and some teachers about being "the famous model". Anyway what are you doing...?" She grinned as she saw one of her latest modelling session pictures and said, "Cool Dad. I look so sexy don't I?" She looked down to see the bulge in her daddy's trousers and said, "Do you want me to take care of that, `cuz I need to cum."

Brad smiled at what his daughter said. Both she and her language had certainly changed since she was nine and innocent and had just started modelling. Brad got his cock out and said with a grin, "If you want it then come and get it."

Annie quickly lifted her skirt, took off her panties and straddled her father's lap. She sat down, guiding her father's hot, hard cock into her already moist slit. She felt the hard rod parting her cunt lips and just loved the feeling. Brad grabbed hold of his daughter's hips and started to help her move up down, enjoying fucking his twelve year old daughter's tight cunt again.

Annie managed to reach out to the mouse, clicked to start a slide show running of her latest set of pictures, and said to her father, "Do you like me wearing that nurse's uniform? I sorta was teasing you, Daddy, and I sort of was teasing the photographer as well `cuz I saw he got really hard. Would you like to have seen me suck on the photographer's big cock, Daddy? Hmmmmm," Annie asked as she ground her hips and enjoyed the feeling of her daddy's cock deep inside her again.

Brad just moaned at the thought of his daughter giving another man a blowjob while he watched the slide show. This idea made his cock twitch and said, "So my little girl wants to become a dirty little slut, does she? Damn! You feel so good, sweetie."

Annie moaned in pleasure and said, "Yes Daddy, I'm your little slut, I love you so much. I'll do anything for you. Make me your slave slut."

Brad increased the speed of Annie moving up and down and felt his balls tighten as his cum forced it's way though his piss tube and into his daughter's hot wet cunt. At the same time, he heard his daughter moan, "Oh god Daddy, I'm cumming, this feels so good!"

Over the years, they'd learned each other's rhythm and it wasn't unusual for them both to climax at nearly the same time, although sometimes Annie could cum two or three times before Brad did. Annie said she could feel Brad's cum spurting into her, but he wasn't sure about that. But he certainly enjoyed doing it as much as possible.

Once Brad and Annie had calmed down and their breathing returned to normal, Brad said, "Why don't we check your fan mail? I'm sure you wanna know what your fans think or have been doing."

Annie reached for the mouse again and stopped the slide show, then opened the email account that Brad had created just for her fan mail. She started looking though the subject lines of all of the new emails. She read several emails of guys asking her all sorts of questions, some of which were quite blunt, asking if she was having sex or was she a virgin. Or if she'd have sex with them.

She looked at an email that was totally different. It looked like a business email, so she said, "Daddy look at this one."

Brad moved his daughter so he could see the screen and helped her slip off his now wilting cock and off his lap. His focus on the email was distracted when Annie knelt down and took his cock in her mouth to clean it off.

"Mmmmm, I just love the taste of your cum and my juices, Daddy. It's so good." She looked up at her father with one of her super innocent but sexy young girl looks that had been a part of making her famous.

Brad tore his attention away from her with a smile and looked back at the email. His eyes widened a bit as he read it, then read it again slowly making sure he understood.

Dear Mr Brooks

Our company, White Productions, would like to offer your daughter, Annie, an assignment for some special modeling. We would be willing to pay well over the going rate card if Annie is interested in doing so. We feel that with these special modeling assignments, Annie's modeling career could go global and could make her quite the international star.

If you are interested in this offer or would like more information then please reply to this email with your questions and contact information.


Jim Nolan

White Production Management

Brad just wasn't sure what 'special modeling' meant but he got the idea that they could want her for glamour type work. He had never heard of White Productions before. He looked down at his daughter and said, "Honey would you like to find out more about this 'special modeling' offer? I think it would might be some glamour type modeling." In his head, he could picture his young, pre-teen daughter doing some hot nude and porn type of stuff, but he had to put that out of his mind quickly.

Annie grinned up at her father, let go of his cock and stood next to him. She had seen pictures of some top shelf models and also pictures of other young girls posing in clothes where they were almost naked. She said slyly, "Daddy, if I could pose naked for you and have other people looking at me naked, would you like that? I think it would be so hot."

Brad was a bit shocked by her words, but they had played this game a little in the last year. It seemed that Annie had gotten to thinking about the same things that Brad had, as she had done more and more revealing, sexy posing assignments. And Brad had gotten more and more aroused watching her.

Brad nodded and said, "I would love to see you do nude modelling. I just love seeing your naked body. But I don't know how that would happen, as you're still very underage and no company could take the chance on doing that..." Brad hesitated, as an idea flashed through his mind. One that had come unbidden a number of times and that he'd tried to put aside. 'Other than a porn company', he thought to himself.

"Oh Daddy, let's see what they want. That would be a lot of money, wouldn't it? I mean, we're doing pretty good with what I get now, but doubling the rates? That would be great," Annie said. Brad wasn't surprised that his young daughter had picked up the trade jargon. After all, he'd not kept anything from her and, while she wasn't really interested in the business end of modelling, other than the neat stuff she could buy with the money, Brad had purposely showed her everything. Even her own growing bank account.

Brad wasn't doing so badly either, as he took fifteen percent of Annie's earnings for being her manager. True, he paid a lot of expenses out of that, but his bank account was growing nicely also. If she doubled her rates, he'd be able to completely give up his consulting jobs and just concentrate on managing Annie.

With his arm around his young daughter and lovingly caressing her body, he said, "I think I'll reply and see what they are offering. It won't hurt."

Annie smiled and said, "Great Daddy. I'm gonna go clean this mess you made in me and then go and change out my uniform. Then I promise I'll start my homework." She gave Brad a kiss on the cheeks, smiling at him and headed to the bathroom, his cum sliding down the insides of her thighs. They both thought that was so hot.

Brad watched his sexy daughter walking out of the room. He looked at the email again and then started to compose a reply. He thought he'd do some research on this White Productions company later on. He worded a general response, added his business phone number and email, and then sent it. Once that was sent, he began to work on his other job, opening a few spreadsheets and making a few calls.


A few hours had passed and Brad had just finished a conference call with a company he was helping to upgrade a few of their servers. He walked downstairs and when he heard the front door open, he saw his wife Deborah walk in and collapse down on to the sofa with a loud sigh.

Brad could see his wife was exhausted and said, "Honey, you OK? You look stressed."

Deborah said, "Yes, I'm totally exhausted. Where's Annie?"

Brad said, "Up in her room. She should be doing her homework. But she's probably listening to music or on the phone with one of her friends."

Deborah was feeling completely exhausted and somewhat frustrated after a hard day at her job and said to her husband, "I think I'll go have a hot bath. Would you start getting the dinner ready? It's pasta night tonight." She smiled at him weakly.

Brad said, "Sure, I'll make my legendary Spaghetti Bolognese and secret sauce."

Deborah looked at her husband, gave him a cheeky grin and said, "That's `cuz that's the only thing that you know how to make, other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But yes, that would be wonderful." She got up and headed upstairs.

Deborah went to the bathroom and started the bath running, then walked to her room, stripped off her work clothes and wrapped a towel around her body. She thought she would see how Annie was getting on, so she stopped outside her daughter's room. Knocking on Annie's bedroom door, Deborah called, "Annie, can I come in." She heard Annie reply, "Sure mum, come in."

Deborah entered her daughter's room, which they'd redecorated in the last year and now was all very young girly and pink, with posters of Hannah and Miley and Britney and Selena plastered all over the walls. And of course, Lance. There were also numerous photos from some of Annie's photo shoots and advertising spreads. Annie was mostly naked apart from wearing some white panties as she sprawled on her bed. Deborah sighed and said, "Annie, I really wish you'd put some clothes on. It's not right for you to be walking around naked like that."

Annie loved being naked or mostly naked. She knew that her father loved seeing her that way. Annie replied to her mother, "Mom, what's wrong? I like being naked like this. It's just in my own room." In the three years of modelling, Annie had indeed become inured to naked bodies. And really had begun to like it. She'd gotten used to walking around with very little on, even in front of the camera, directors, technicians and assistants. Anybody. And she loved the reaction it caused in all the men who looked at her. That was one of the best parts.

Deborah said, "Honey, you're growing up and us females have to be modest and cover up. Otherwise you're gonna give your father some very bad ideas."

Annie smiled to herself. She'd been giving her father bad ideas for more than a while now, ever since she had performed her first blowjob on him and then when they had actually fucked when she was just nine. Looking at her mother, Annie said, "It's a bit too late mum. `Cuz a bunch of my fans are guys and they're most likely whacking off over my pics. Anyway what's the big deal?"

Deborah had been amazed at how grown up and mature her daughter had become in the last three years and thought that the modelling had helped Annie with that, but she was more than dismayed that her pre-teen daughter already knew that guys were masturbating over her pictures. Deborah also felt like she wasn't as close to her daughter as she would have liked to have been. That was somewhat due to Deborah's job but also because she had started to feel resentful and envious of her daughter's fame. And Annie's closeness to Brad.

Shaking her head ruefully, Deborah left her daughter's bedroom and walked to the bathroom, which was now full of hot steam from the bath. She turned off water faucets, took off her towel, stepped into the bath, sat down in the water and started to relax, wanting to relieve the stress of her hard day at work.

As Deborah was lying in the bath, she again felt shocked that her twelve year old daughter knew that most guys were looking at her photos, thinking about doing all sorts of nasty things with her, which gave Deborah the chills. Not only because she loved her daughter and wanted to protect her from all harm, but a bit because Deborah felt some guilt about feeling aroused by those very same thoughts. She wondered what it would be like if her young daughter were being fucked by men with huge cocks. Cum dripping from the girl's face and mouth. Large male members penetrating her little daughter's tight asshole. Several men at once penetrating her. 'Air tight', Deborah remembered the guys calling it.

With her eyes closed, Deborah rubbed her own clit, feeling the pleasure radiate through her. She'd love to have those same hard cocks doing the same nasty things to her, like she'd had when she was about Annie's age. Pumping into her cunt and asshole, depositing their hot sperm inside her. Prying her mouth open and gagging her with their huge cocks before spurting their cum down her gullet. She cried out softly as her orgasm overtook her and her body stiffened and shook.

Deborah's eyes flew open as she realized that she was fantasizing about some of the things she'd done in her past and would enjoy doing again. Guilt started to overwhelm her. Certainly, she would burn in hell for wanting those things to happen to her young, innocent daughter. "God, what kind of a monster am I?" Deborah thought as she finished washing. After a while, she climbed out of the tub.

Half an hour later, the family was sitting around the table having dinner when the business line phone rang. Brad got up to answer it. He was a bit surprised when he noticed that the ID read "White Prods". 'So soon already?' Brad thought? Picking up the phone, he said, "Brooks Consulting."

He heard a very pleasant young female voice on the other end say, "Good evening, Mr Brooks. My name is Kathryn Penn, calling from White Productions."

Brad wasn't expecting a female voice, let alone hearing from the company so soon and that the woman on the other end sounded so young. Quickly recovering, Brad said, "Good evening, Ms Penn. What can I do for you?"

Kathryn replied, "I apologize for calling at this time, but we just received your reply to our email. We would like to talk to you more about Annie doing some modelling. The nature of this modelling would be better to be talked about in person. I've arrange a lunch meeting for you, Annie, my boss and myself. We will also arrange transportation to the Round House restaurant. Is one tomorrow afternoon alright for you? If so, may I have your address so I can give it to the limo driver?"

Brad's mouth dropped open as he heard Kathryn mention the Round House restaurant, because it was a very top class restaurant. He said, stumbling for the words, "That should be fine." Then, quickly thinking about what he wanted to ask, he said, "In the email you sent, you mention special photos. Can I ask what you mean by that?"

Brad could hear static as the line was quiet and after a few seconds, he heard Kathryn say, "Well, I really don't want to say anymore over the phone. We can discuss all of that in detail in person tomorrow."

Brad felt his cock twitch as his fantasy of seeing his daughter posed naked flitted across his mind. He tried to put that aside and said, "I understand, I'll see you tomorrow, Ms Penn." He heard Kathryn say, "Good evening, Mr Brooks," and disconnect.

Brad hung up the phone, walked back in the kitchen and looked at his daughter. He said, "I've got a lunch meeting tomorrow with White Productions."

Annie listened to her father, smiled and said, "WOW, Daddy, where are we going."

"Well, I'm not sure you're going anywhere, other than to school." Brad saw the disappointed look on Annie's face. He said, "We're meeting at a very up market restaurant, the Round House."

Deborah's eyes widened. She had always asked Brad to take her to that restaurant but nothing had ever happened. She gave him a bit of a puzzled look and asked, "What's this all about?"

Annie said, "Daddy! I want to go! If it's about me and my modelling career, then I should be able to be there. Puleeeeeze, Daddy?"

Brad decided to stretch the truth and said to his wife, "An email came though and this new company wants Annie to do some modelling for them. They don't say much. I'll find out the details tomorrow but I'm guessing it's something big as they're willing to pay some pretty high rates. But they don't want any other company to know what they're offering. You know that Annie, and us, have to keep quiet about certain modelling assignments. And contract terms."

Deborah knew about that and understood but she was again feeling that twinge of jealousy of her daughter's fame. She just didn't know what to do about it.

"Daddy, it's about MY career," Annie said. "I should be able to go too. I'm out of school so much for assignments already, so it's not like missing a day would be anything. The tutor you hired can help me make it up. The school won't care. 'Sides, I won't have to put up with the teasing and the name calling about being the 'famous model' and a stuck up bitch."

Brad realized that she was right and he remembered that the young woman from White had specified that the meeting was for the four of them. And if it was as important as it sounded, he supposed that they'd want Annie there in person, too.

"OK, pumpkin. You can go. You'll need to wear your best clothes and be on your best behaviour." Annie brightened up quickly. Brad said with a grin, "Oh, and by the way, they're sending a Limo."

Annie squealed in delight. Over the last few years, Brad had driven them just about everywhere. Even when they had to go to out of town shoots, Brad drove them to the airport and usually rented a car there. Or taken a taxi. He'd said limos were very expensive and they weren't that well known to warrant one yet. So Annie couldn't believe that she'd be going from home in a Limo, just like some of the famous stars. She'd always wondered what a Limo looked like inside as the only ones she'd seen were on a couple of shoots where it was more of a prop for the shoot and she'd only seen the outside of them then. But she'd seen the stars getting out of them on TV, so it would be so exciting. Now Brad and she were going to be taken to the restaurant by a Limo. So kewl!

Deborah looked at her husband and asked, "Brad, just what is going on."

Brad said, somewhat truthfully, "I really don't know. We got this email from White Productions that said they want Annie to do some modelling for their company. They apparently didn't want to go through the agency. But they're willing to pay double the standard rate card. This could be a big break. Since I've been Annie's agent, I made sure that we didn't have a long term or exclusive contract with Diamond. We can go wherever we want or take any assignments we want. But the fact that they contacted me - or us - directly probably just means they don't want to pay another agency's fees. That's all." Brad gave his excited daughter a smile and she smiled excitedly back at him.

Deborah asked, "But what about her school?"

Annie tried to protest, but Brad interrupted her. "Hon, we've made arrangements with the school for when she has shooting sessions. This'll be the same thing. Well, usually it's not such short notice, but I'll call the school in the morning and notify them so they can give the tutor her lessons. She's already ahead of the class anyway."

Annie exclaimed, "Yeah. All the kids are so jealous of me!"

"Must be a pretty big company, sending a limo for you two. Who are they?" Deborah asked.

"I really don't know. Haven't heard of them before, but then there's thousands of different agencies, management companies, personal representation people. Could be one of thousands. Or ten thousand. I'll do some research on them tonight. But Annie's pretty popular and well known around here, so maybe they're trying to impress us by sending a
limo," Brad said. "Wow, Dad! They're sure doing a good job of it!" Annie enthused, thinking about riding around town in the limo. And to a meeting at such a high-end restaurant. She'd only been to one of those places a couple of times, and usually with the agency people or some of the other models after a big, important photo session for a well known company.

"She's only twelve, Brad. How important could she be to somebody?" Deborah said abruptly. Then she realized what her jealousy had made her say. She flushed and looked down. "I'm sorry. You're right. Annie is getting very popular and well known. I'm sure they're just trying to steal her away from Diamond. I wonder how Rufus will take that?"

Deborah had met with Rufus Flannigan, the owner of the agency that Annie was booked with. She liked him, even if he was a bit brusque sometimes. But Deborah was attracted to men of power. That's why she was the personal assistant for her boss. He was very well connected and well known in his business world. But recently, he seemed to be favouring the younger, prettier girls who batted their eyes at him and wore low cut blouses and very short skirts at work.

Deborah wanted to be valued for her work and expertise, not how much cleavage she showed or how much bare beaver she exposed when she uncrossed her legs. And she did wonder just which of those younger ones were putting out for the boss. She also felt a bit of a tingle between her legs wondering what it would be like to have such an influential man
between those legs, powering into her hot, moist cunt... spread across his desk while he... Deborah snapped out of her erotic reverie and realized that her husband and daughter were looking at her.

"What?" Deborah said. "Rufus is a businessman. I doubt he'd like losing one of his prime money-makers. I mean... uh, popular models."

Brad and Annie glanced at each other. Brad said, "I'm sure you're right. But this White Productions might not even be in the same field as Diamond and Rufus. It could be completely different and Annie could do work for both of them. I like the fact that they're willing to pay top dollar."

Annie exclaimed, "Yeah, and send a limo for us. That's so kewl! I'm gonna go pick out something to wear tomorrow. OK?" Both Brad and Deborah nodded as Annie jumped up and happily headed to her room. Brad figured he'd check in with her later. And maybe he could have her give him a quick blow job... No, that would probably be a bit incautious. He'd try to wait until they were alone tomorrow.

Brad and Deborah cleaned up the kitchen and then sat and watched TV for a while. Before they went to bed, Brad got on the computer and tried to find out more about 'White Productions'. The only thing he could find was a company owned by a company owned by a White Productions that sold what were called 'club wear' or 'glam clothes'. Usually these were very sexy and VERY revealing clothing - if you could call it that - which adult stars and celebrities wore out to nightclubs. To be seen in, or more usually, mostly out of. Brad had heard the term 'slut clothes' used by some parents and even modelling pros.

But this company specialized in what could only be called 'slut clothes' for young and very young girls. Their website was filled with shots of very young girls, ages about four to fourteen, modelling some very revealing fashions. Actually, the girls' bodies were mostly revealed except for some very strategically placed pieces and strips of cloth. Very little was left to the imagination. If it wasn't kiddie porn, it was certainly on the very verge of it.

As Brad clicked through the website, looking at the almost naked bodies displayed, he couldn't help but get very hard. He visualized Annie in each of those pictures, exposing her young body to the world. Was this the company that they would be going to meet tomorrow? Clicking deeper into the website, there were scenes of two girls together, touching each other's almost bare bodies and even kissing each other. In one scene, several girls, all nearly naked, smiled at the camera while their hands were touching intimate parts of other girls.

Brad had heard Deborah go to bed. He stood up from the computer and tiptoed to their bedroom door. His wife was sound asleep, snoring lightly. Brad silently moved to Annie's room and slipped inside. Annie seemed to be asleep, sprawled on her bed, the covers down around her waist, revealing her budding young breasts. Brad had an inordinate urge to suck on those delightful mounds right now. He dropped his pants, took off his shirt and moved beside Annie's bed. His hard cock stood out in front of him.

As he looked at his apparently sleeping daughter, a little smile appeared on her lips and she opened her eyes to look up at Brad and his cock. She whispered, "I wanted you, Daddy. Let me suck on you." She and Brad had done this before and both of them loved it. Brad helped Annie adjust her position so he could insert his cock into her mouth. As her mouth engulfed the head, Annie put one hand around the shaft and stared to lightly jack Brad off. The pictures on the website and the fantasies of Annie in place of those girls had Brad so aroused that it didn't take much time at all for him to reach climax. Annie had learned just how to stroke him and she did it well and soon Brad was spewing his hot cum into his twelve year old daughter's mouth. Annie kept her lips tight around his cock until he'd finished filling it with cum. Only then did she swallow it all down, making an involuntary little "Mmmmm" as she did.

Annie looked up at her dad and smiled. "Kiss me, Daddy!" she said quietly. Brad bent down and gave her a kiss, her hand still on his now wilting cock. When she pulled back, Annie said, "Feel me, Daddy!" and took his hand, guiding it to between her legs. Brad ran his finger along her very moist slit. Then Annie held his hand and pushed his finger inside her. Brad felt the end of the vibrator he'd bought for her, buzzing away.

"I've gotten off a buncha times tonight, Daddy. And I'm gonna leave it in me until the batteries run out. I'll be hot and ready for you in the morning," Annie whispered. Brad couldn't believe his super sexy daughter. He grinned at her, kissed her goodnight, picked up his clothes and went to his bedroom to try to climb in beside his wife without waking her.


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