Annie becomes a model - Intro

Below is an extract of Annie becomes a model - Book 1 Chapter 1
Story Codes: Mg, M+/g, cons, ws

Annie and her mother, Deborah, were walking through the mall, looking in the various stores and shops and just enjoying being together. Annie had wanted some new clothes as she had outgrown some of hers and others were "like so out of style, Mom!" So Deborah had taken her nine year old on the shopping trip. Deborah knew that it was so easy to shop for her daughter, since Annie fit the typical young girl mold - shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, tight pre-teen body, long legs and a bubble butt. Pretty much what could be seen in any advertisement in the magazines or in commercials on the TV.

The two enjoyed walking through the busy shopping center. Annie would sometimes wrap her arm in her mother's or hold her hand while pointing out some latest gadget or fashion in one of the store windows. She had a light, pleasantly girlish laugh that Deborah loved to hear and an innocent smile that lit up her whole face when she laughed or giggled at something.

After browsing through several clothing stores, Annie had tried on some new outfits while her mother watched. Neither of them really noticed a nice looking young man whose attention had been caught by the young girl's laughter and had taken the time to watch them.

Leaving the store after buying some new tops and a skirt, the man finally approached the two. Looking at Deborah and smiling, he introduced himself to them.

"Hi, my name is Steve and I'm with a company that's looking for a few new models. After seeing this young lady," he said, looking at Annie, "I think that she could be a great model. She has the attitude and the clothes look very good on her."

"Oh, my God! You were watching us?" Deborah exclaimed, surprised.

"Well, yes. I'm a professional model scout and I'm always on the look for fresh, new faces. I think your daughter would be very good at it," Steve said, still smiling at them.

Annie was almost bouncing up and down at hearing what the man had to say and she grabbed Deborah's arm and said, "Oh, Mom! Can I? Please? It's be so kewl to be a model. Can I? Huh?" She was very excited by the idea as she'd looked at the fashion magazines and the ones aimed at pre-teens and always wondered about being famous and people knowing her and wanting her autograph. Like the young stars in those magazines and on television.

"Just what kind of 'modelling' do you have in mind?" Deborah asked, a little suspicious. Although Steve didn't look like a molester or paedophile, Deborah wasn't about to let her very young daughter be exposed to such a person. Even if Deborah didn't really know what exactly a molester or paedophile would look like.

Steve said, "Young fashion. Catalog type. Maybe some commercials." He rattled off some major national company names and said that his agency provided most of the  young models and actors to them. He told Deborah that she could look up his agency and make sure it was legit. He handed his business card to her. Deborah looked at it and saw that it was a very expensive print job, with raised gold printing for the company name. Steve's name had the title "talent executive" after it.

Annie's enthusiasm was a little out of character for her. Usually, Annie was a bit shy and really not that outgoing, staying a little to the edges of the action or group and not trying to be at center stage or the focal point. But now she was actually excited about this idea.

Deborah still wasn't sure about this and knew that most 'agencies' usually had auditions or recruited from ads, not someone walking around in a shopping mall. But Steve's professional attitude and manner alleviated some of her fears.

She smiled at the man and said, "I need to think about this and talk it over with my daughter and husband."

Steve replied, "Sure. I understand. You've got my card. Think about it and talk if over, then let me know."

Deborah held the card and watched the man walk away. Annie was beside herself, chattering about being a model and being famous, with her picture on the cover of magazines. Deborah sighed, and just continued on, not saying anything one way or the other as far as a decision. She warned Annie that this wasn't necessarily for real, as models usually aren't recruited at a shopping mall. But Annie carried on while they continued shopping, talking about wanting to be a famous model.

Finish their shopping, they headed home, Annie chattering almost non-stop all the way home about the modeling offer and her new clothes. Getting home, they walked inside where they found Brad sitting in the chair reading the newspaper. Before Annie could run excitedly to her father and tell him all about the modeling, Deborah looked at her daughter and said, "Sweetheart Please can you go upstairs and hang up your new clothes. I'd like to talk to your dad."

Annie started to try to protest but Deborah gave her daughter a look and Annie disappeared upstairs with her shopping bags. Once Annie was gone Deborah sat down and explained to Brad what had happened at the store and the man's offer for their daughter.

Brad listened to his wife talk about it. Inside he smiled to himself at the thought of hundreds or thousands of men looking at his daughter pictures and jacking off to them as he had done looking at other very young models in the magazines. And on the web.

Brad did feel guilty about these feelings but he couldn't fight the fact that he actually was a paedophile and had wanted his daughter since she was five but hadn't done anything for fear of causing problems and the fact the he didn't want to go to jail. He looked at his wife and said, "Listen Debs, Annie will keep on at us until will allow her to do it, probably. It might be an idea to see what all's involved and then we discuss it with her and she can then decide for herself if she still wants to do it. We both know that modelling is a lot harder than it appears."

Deborah was a bit stunned at what her husband said but thought that if they ignore this then Annie would really be a pain.

Deborah said, "I think we should call this company now and see what they have to say."

Brad and Deborah put the phone on speaker and dialled the number listed on the card that Steve had given her. Since it was the weekend, the call went to voice mail, which sounded very professional and businesslike. Brad left a message that he was Annie's father and that Steve had given his wife his card at the local mall. He said they were checking to find out if the modeling offer for their daughter was legitimate. Then he left their name and phone number for a return call and hung up.

The two just looked at each other as Annie came bounding into the room with one of her new outfits on and twirled around, showing it off. She then went to Brad and threw her arms around his neck, asking "Did Mom tell you about me being a professional model and being famous?" Brad had to adjust his position slightly to accommodate his hard on that he got looking at his young daughter in the new clothes.

"Uh, yes, honey. She did. And we've called the company to check on that. But I don't think you should get your hopes up. After all, this could just be some scam to try to get money from us. Or something. We don't know anything about this guy or the company. So don't get all excited." Even though Brad was definitely getting excited feeling his nubile young daughter's body against his.

Annie got a little disappointed look on her face and pulled back. She said, "But Daddy, the guy was really nice. I don't think it was a scam. He really thought I could be a model. Wouldn't you like me to be a famous model?"

"Pumpkin, I'd like nothing but the best for you. But we've got to check this company out and make sure it's all for real. You realize that, don't you?" Brad asked his young daughter.

"Yes, Daddy," Annie said, somewhat disheartened. Then she brightened up and said "But wouldn't it be sooooo kewl!!! I'm gonna go put on my other outfit and model it for you, just to show you that I can do it," Annie exclaimed, turning her lithe young body and running out of the room.

Brad looked at his wife, who was shaking her head. She said "Honey, what's gotten into her? She's never been one to be so outgoing and want to be the center of attention. And I worry that even if this is legitimate, she'd be exposed to paedophiles and taken advantage of. If it's even real."

"Well, we'll just have to check it out good and find out. And I don't know what it is with her. Maybe Annie's been secretly harboring a wish for something like this. But I agree, it isn't like her. She's almost shy when we take family pictures with her in them. You know, we should look this company and this guy up online and find out what we can while we wait for them to call back. If they ever do."

Deborah nodded her assent and the moved over the computer. Brad brought up a search engine and put the company name into it. Immediately, pages of listings appeared, showing links to many different publications, companies and other agencies. It seemed that the company was pretty well known, anyway. Brad clicked on the link that looked like the main company website.

A very stylish, professional website popped up, with pictures of many different models of all ages, from toddlers in young children's clothing to tweens and pre-teens, teens and older fashion models. There were numerous faces that Brad and Deborah recognized, especially some in the high fashion ones. They scrolled through the page and then Brad clicked on the 'about' link and a page of information and background about the company opened. Brad and Deborah read together, exclaiming at some of the well known names listed on it. Going to the personnel page, they found a picture of Steve and some of his biography. Apparently, he was indeed a talent executive and from his bio, he'd worked with some very well known personalities.

As they were reading, Annie came to the doorway of the room in one of her new purchases and struck a pose. She put her hand on the doorjamb above her head, then laid her cheek on her arm. The other hand she put on her hip, which she cocked out a bit. She stood there in that pose, smiling as her parents looked at her.

"Whadda ya think?" Annie asked grinning. Brad again felt his cock harden and smiled back at her.

Deborah looked at her daughter and said, "Why all of a sudden are you so interested in this modeling thing? Usually, it's a fight to get you into a family picture. What's up?"

Annie grinned and said, "I don't know. I just have always looked at all the magazines and wished I was pretty enough to be in them. I wondered what it'd be like to, ya know, be famous. It just seems like it would be so exciting to do that. It's just been sort of a fantasy. Like being a Lindsay, or Miley or Dakota. Or Britney. But I don't think I can sing that good."

Brad made a face, thinking that if his daughter thought that singing was good, what did she think was bad? Then he realized that his taste in music was not quite the same as his young daughter's. He said, "So all of a sudden, you want to be famous, huh?" and grinned at his daughter.

"No Daddy! Not all of a sudden. It's just been sort of a fantasy. I know I'm probably not that good, but it'd be kewl if I could. Ya know?" Annie said.

Brad looked at his daughter and said, "Yah, I know, sweetie." Annie's face brightened up and she struck another pose that she'd seen one of her teen favs do in a music video. Only it was one of the sexier poses and made Brad even more aroused.

Deborah looked at her daughter and said, "OK. honey. We'll check the company out and see what they're offering. And what it would take. But remember, we're not promising anything."

Annie squealed in delight and gave her mom a hug, then moved to Brad and hugged him. "I'm gonna go call Shannon and tell her all about it!" Annie exclaimed and ran out of the room, leaving Brad and Deborah to again look at each other.

The weekend passed pretty quickly. Annie especially hugged her dad whenever she was with him and when they talked. Brad found it hard to keep from getting aroused by the touch of his lovely daughter and she didn't make it very easy for him. He did notice that she didn't touch him or hug him as much when Deborah was around. He wondered about that a bit. And also felt very guilty over his erotic feeling toward his young daughter.

Monday morning, Deborah had gone to work, dropping Annie off at school on her way. Brad was sitting in his home office when the phone rang. He looked at the ID and saw it was from the modeling agency. He answered it.

"Mr. Brooks? Can you hold for Mr. Flannigan?" a female voice asked. Brad told her he would hold.

"Mr. Brooks? Rufus Flannigan here. Returning your phone call from Saturday. I'm told that Steve had talked to your wife and your daughter about joining with our agency."

Brad said, "Yes. I guess that's right. Uh, I was just wondering what this was all about."

"Don't doubt it at all, Mr. Brooks. Look, Steve is one of our best talent agents and he said he thought your daughter would fit into some of our work. We handle some of the biggest names in the business. I'm sure you've heard of the company," Flannigan said.

"Well, to tell the truth, no. Not until your man gave my wife his card. We did look at your website and it seems that  you do handle a lot of people. But just what interest would you have in my daughter. After all she's only nine years old. Hardly the professional model type."

"I guess we'll have to see about that. We handle all ages. And if Steve thought he saw some potential in your daughter, then we should probably look into that. Don't you think?" Flannigan asked.

"What would this entail exactly? We've never had any idea of this before and about all we know is what we read about your company. What interest would you have in a nine year old girl?" Brad asked him.

"Could be anything. Catalog work. Commercials. Kid's fashion. Who knows? We do a lot of things. What we need to do is schedule a time when we can have one of our photographers do some test shots of her and see how they come out. Sometimes once a person gets in front of the camera, it just doesn't work out. Other times, you wouldn't think they'd be much, but they blossom in front of the camera. Has your daughter done any photo shoots or any modeling at all? Anything? Even amateur?"

"No, nothing. In fact, she's not been one to try to be the center of attention at all," Brad told him.

"Well, from experience, if Steve thinks he's seen something in her, then it would be good to check it out. Let's see..." Brad could hear some pages rustling. "How about coming to our offices Thursday. Four o'clock. Meet with one of our guys. He can do a quick test and see how she does. If things look good, we'll bring her back for a full test with wardrobe, makeup, design, the whole works. Sound OK?" Flannigan asked, sounding as if he wasn't expecting a negative answer and wasn't usually told 'no'.

"Uhhh, that'll be fine. I can pick her up after school and bring her in. Is there anything we need to bring with her?" Brad asked.

"No, no. Nothing at all. We've got everything here that we'll need. You just have her here at four and we'll take care of all the rest," Flannigan told Brad. "So we'll see you at four, Thursday. Good talking to you Mr. Brooks," Flannigan said, whose attitude was basically dismissing Brad and ending the call.

"Yeah. You too," Brad said as the line went dead. He sat for a bit, then finally hung the phone up. In his consulting business, he'd dealt with high powered executives and knew not to take that attitude and dismissal personally. It was just how those people acted. But it still grated a bit on Brad's mind. Then his thoughts went to his young daughter, modeling the latest outfits. As he pictured her in his mind, the outfits grew skimpier and uncovered more of her smooth flesh. Then she was bending over, twisting around and in the sexiest of poses, barely covered by the small strips of cloth clinging to her young body.

Brad shook himself, breaking the daydream. He felt very aroused but very guilty about thinking such thoughts about his own daughter. He tried working on his current project, but after some very unproductive time, he finally clicked the computer mouse on the file encryption program and opened up a set of encrypted bookmarks for some porn sites. He set the computer to go through some proxy servers and after a while, he had a site open that specialized in very young girls. Pictures of young naked bodies, ranging in ages from four or five to mid teens, scrolled before him. Brad pulled his pants open and freed his stiff cock, then settled back to stroke of while looking at the young bodies. But his mind kept seeing the images of his wonderful daughter Annie, standing in front of him, naked, in different erotic poses. He could see her hairless slit, peeking out between her legs as she smiled at him. In his mind, the naked little Annie came to him, put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "Daddy, I want you to fuck me. I want your hard cock in my tight, hot little cunt. Won't you please fuck me now?"

Brad was breathing hard with his fantasy, eyes closed, stroking his cock vigorously. As he felt in his mind his little daughter's lips meet his and her sweet tongue slip into his mouth, Brad quickened the strokes and suddenly spewed his cum out onto the desk and floor in front of him. He leaned back in the chair, cum drooling out of his cock and over his fingers, keeping his eyes closed and waiting to catch his breath. As he did so, the guilt of thinking those incestuous thoughts and seeing those erotic images of his own daughter hit him. Brad sighed, opened his eyes and saw the mess he'd made.

Getting out of the chair, Brad walked to the bathroom, still holding his wilting cock in his hand. He got a wash cloth out, wetted it with warm water and cleaned the cum off his cock and his hand. Then he went back to his office and got some tissues to clean the cum off the floor and his desk. The sight of the young girls on the monitor renewed the mental pictures of his naked daughter in his mind and he realized that he was totally, sexually enthralled with Annie and it would take all his willpower to keep from fucking her at some point. Guilty feeling or no.

The day passed as Brad worked on his current project, made some lunch and then tried to work some more. But each time his mind wandered, he'd see Annie's naked young body in his mind, posed in the most obscene and sexual poses for him. And doing some of the most obscene, twisted, erotic things that he could imagine. At one point, he was sitting in his chair when all of a sudden the picture of his daughter being gangbanged by dozens of adult cocks, of all colors and sizes, flashed through his mind. He could see little Annie dwarfed by the large male bodies, their cocks jamming in and out of her tiny holes, spewing cum into her mouth and all over her face. When one cock pulled out, another took its place. He could see her sitting on the lap of a huge black man, his cock penetrating all the way up into Annie's tight little asshole. And as another cock spurted cum on her face, she looked at Brad with the most beatific, loving, satisfied smile on her face. She was enjoying absolutely every second and every perverted thing the men did to her.

Brad's cock was so hard from these fantasies he had to do something. He stroked off again, making sure to have some tissues readily available to spurt his cum in so he wouldn't have to clean everything up again. As he reached orgasm, Brad stood up, with several tissues on the desk in front of him, and stroked to climax, spurting a large load of cum onto the tissues. It was a very strong orgasm and the mental pictures of his naked, nubile young daughter didn't leave his mind after he'd cum. Nor did the guilt feelings drive them away either.

Sitting back down on his chair, Brad grabbed some more tissues to clean his cock, then pulled his pants back up and fastened them. He sat staring at the screensaver on his monitor, trying to let his breathing slow down when he heard a door slam. Brad's adrenaline shot up as he sat bolt upright. He hadn't realized that it was that late; after school dismissal time. They didn't live far from the school, so it didn't take Annie that long to get home, unless she went to a friend's house or stopped somewhere else with her girlfriends.

Brad heard Annie's footsteps through the house and then come to the door of his office. "Watcha doin' Daddy?" Annie asked, standing in the doorway behind him.

"Just work, hon," Brad said, trying to compose himself as he turned to smile at Annie. As she came into the room, he turned guiltily back to his computer and moved the mouse. The screensaver went away, revealing his current project Gannt chart and a spread sheet he'd been looking at. Annie leaned against his back and rested her chin on his shoulder, her blonde hair tickling his ear. She smelled so sweet and pure. Brad could feel her breath on his cheek as she looked at the screen.

"What's all that stuff?" Annie asked innocently.

"Oh, just some project files for the job I'm working on," Brad said. He figured that Annie wouldn't be much interested in the charts and spread sheet, so not thinking, he clicked on them and closed them. As the last window closed, a picture of a naked young girl was revealed on the screen. Brad tried to click it away, but he was only successful in hitting the full screen button and the image popped up even larger. The girl's hairless slit was displayed above her tight little asshole. She smiled with lust at the camera.

Brad frantically tried to click the picture closed, but as he did, another one was revealed. He'd forgotten that he'd had many of them opened up while he whacked off earlier. He tried to say he was sorry to Annie as he clicked the pictures closed, one by one. Annie's chin hadn't moved from Brad's shoulder all the while, but her breathing rate had increased. He felt her left arm move to wrap around him and Annie said, "No Dad. Don't close them. I want to see them." She squeezed her dad's shoulder to emphasize her words and to let him know it was OK with her.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I didn't know you'd be here. I didn't mean for you to see those," Brad said, apologizing.

Annie put her hand on her dad's hand, which was on the mouse as he tried to click the images closed. She gave Brad a kiss on his cheek tenderly and said, "It's OK, Dad. Really. I want to see them."

Brad stopped feverishly trying to hide the evidence on the monitor and just sat there, a picture of a naked twelve year old with barely budding breasts smiling out at them from the monitor.

"Do you like those pictures, Daddy?" Annie asked, both innocently and seriously. She moved around to look at her dad, smiling at him.

"Yeah, I guess I do, honey. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to see them," Brad said again.

"But I'd like to see them. I'd like to know what kind of things you like. I think it's kewl. Haven't ever seen that kinda stuff before," Annie said. "She's totally naked, isn't she? Would you like to see me like that, Daddy?"

"Um... well... ah... " Brad stammered as Annie stood up and looked down at him.

"Do you think of me like that, Daddy?" Annie asked him again, which Brad couldn't allow himself to answer honestly. Naturally he'd like to see her naked. He'd been fantasizing about it all day long.

"'Cuz I wouldn't mind if you did, Daddy. I'd love to pose for you naked. I'd like you to look at me like you look at those pictures," Annie said.

"Oh God, honey. I can't. We can't. It's wrong," Brad stammered out.

Annie looked at him and realized he was truly embarrassed in front of her. She said, "But Daddy, you've seen me naked before. You used to give me baths. I really liked that. Especially when you cleaned me good and rubbed me all over. I liked that, Daddy. We could do that again, couldn't we?"

"Oh God, honey, don't. No. We can't. It's not right. It's... oh God!" Brad sighed as he couldn't really even convince himself of that. He'd love to see his lovely daughter totally naked. To hold her warm flesh in his arms and kiss her all over her body. To lick between her legs and make her shudder with pleasure and orgasm. He wanted so much to do all of that with his young daughter.

Annie pulled Brad's hand off the mouse, moving his arm so she could sit down on his lap. She could feel his hard-on through his pants, although at this point Annie really didn't know what a hard on was or what it could do. She just knew that when she sat on her daddy's lap, something got hard under her. She always wanted to know what it was and what made it hard.

Putting her arms around Brad's neck, Annie looked him in the eyes and said, "Daddy, I love you. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. If you want to see me naked, I want to be naked for you. I'll do it. I love you so much." Then she gave Brad the most tender, sweet kiss. On the lips. And she didn't pull away.

Brad felt her soft lips on his and just reflexively opened his own slightly and pushed his tongue between hers. Annie's eyes flew open in surprise, then closed again as she let her lips part slightly and allowed her dad's tongue in between them. She could feel a tingle starting between her legs. Then she tentatively touched the tip of his tongue with hers, and another spark went through her. This felt sooooo good. If this was adult kissing, Annie wanted a lot of it. The tingle between her legs was growing to an itch.

Annie finally had to take a breath, so she pulled back away from her father. "Wow, Daddy. No wonder Mom likes kissing you so much." She smiled at him.

Brad was both absolutely aroused by the hot kiss of his young daughter and wracked with guilt over it at the same time. He really shouldn't be doing this, he thought. She was only nine years old. But as she leaned forward and placed her lips on his again, he couldn't help himself. As they kissed again, Brad's hands acted like they had a mind of their own, wandering over Annie's taut young body. One hand rubbed on her little butt while he ran the other over her flat chest. She felt so good to his touch. He'd wanted to touch her like this for a long time. Since she was five from what he could remember.

Brad had loved giving her a bath when she was little. He loved to touch her soft skin, rub her all over with his soapy hands, feeling her squirm and enjoy his touch. But that didn't happen very often, because Deborah was usually the one to give Annie her bath. As the toddler got old enough to talk, she'd ask for Daddy to give her bath. She liked his touching as he washed her all over. Mommy didn't wash her all over as good as Daddy did. Brad didn't know if Deborah knew of his pedophile tendencies, but she seldom let Brad give their little girl her bath. Brad himself didn't know what he might have done or how far he might have gone while bathing Annie. But he had really missed those intimate times touching his daughter's slick, soapy little body.

When Annie was about five, she'd come into his office, wearing only a little, thin T-shirt. He couldn't even remember what she wanted now, but he certainly remembered her coming over and climbing on his lap. The T-shirt slid up her little body, revealing the hairless little slit that he'd love to wash and touch. She was totally unaware of her exposure and sat there, asking him some inane question that was important to her at the time. Brad had let his hand run up and down her bare legs, getting closer to her little slit each time. He knew what he was doing was wrong but couldn't help himself.

While she was talking, he moved his hand up and let his fingers rest against her little slit. Being only five, Annie didn't realize what he was doing and didn't think anything of it. That is, until Brad started rubbing softly along the little slit and Annie suddenly stopped talking in mid sentence, gasped and laid back against Brad's chest. As he rubbed softly, her breathing became ragged until her little body stiffened and she cried out quietly. Brad leaned his head down and kissed her on the cheek as Annie shivered, lying against him with her eyes closed and mouth open after her climax.

Right then, Deborah called out from another room, asking if Annie was in with him. Feeling very guilty, Brad quickly pulled his hand away and tried to pull the little T-shirt down to cover his young daughter's crotch. Annie was in post-orgasmic letdown and her breathing returning to normal when Deborah came to the doorway.

"Oh, she's in here with you. I was wondering where she went to," Deborah said, looking at the two of them. Brad smiled, glanced at their daughter resting against his chest and said, "Shhh,"

Deborah whispered, "That's odd. She was full of energy and running around chattering just a few minutes ago." She smiled at her husband and tiptoed away, not wanting to wake the sleeping child.

Brad had breathed as sigh of relief at not being caught by Deborah fingering little Annie, but he had vowed then and there that he would not touch his little daughter again in any sexual way. Over the next almost four years, Brad had resisted the urges as much as he could, but he still had such a love for his child and wanted to caress her and bring her to orgasm once again. It was easier to resist the urges when Annie jumped up to sit on his lap when Deborah was with them, out of sheer fear. But Brad loved every minute he could get holding her and feeling her warm body against his as they watched television. He loved the way she laid her head on his shoulder and fell asleep in his arms.

Those memories flooded back into his mind as Annie kissed him. After some more tongue feelies, Annie pulled back and just looked into Brad's eyes. Finally, she said, "I love you, Daddy. That was nice. I want you to do more. Like when I was little. Make me feel good like that again. Please, Daddy? Touch me like that again."

Even in his hyper-aroused state, Brad was surprised that Annie remembered those 'touching' times. He looked into her innocent eyes and said, "Oh, honey, I love you too. But we can't do this. We can get in big trouble. I'd be sent to jail if anyone found out I even kissed you like that. Especially your mother. She'd disown both of us."

"Why Daddy? I love you. You love me. What's wrong? You make me feel so good. I remember those times," Annie said to him. "Won't you look at me and think about me like you feel about those girls on your computer? I'd really like that, Daddy."

"I'm sorry, honey. I should never have been looking at those pictures," Brad said.

Annie slid off his lap and started to unbutton her blouse. "Daddy, would you like to look at me like you look at those girls?" Annie asked him. After shrugging off her blouse, revealing her bare, flat chest to him, she quickly undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor.

Brad said, "Don't honey..." but Annie just hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and looked at him. She slowly slid the panties down, slightly spreading her legs so they dropped to the floor. She stood completely naked before him, except for her white socks, totally unembarrassed. Taking his hand in hers, Annie rubbed it between her legs.

"Daddy, I want you to make me feel good again. Like you did when I was little," Annie told him quietly. "Tell me what I can do to make you feel good, too. Show me the sex things those girls on your computer do."

Brad reached out and pulled Annie onto his lap and hugged her naked body to him. He kissed her cheek and said, "Honey, I love you so much. I really do. There's nothing I want more than to do that for you, but..."

Annie looked up at him, interrupting him, "But everybody would get, like, freaked out 'cuz I'm so young. Right? Especially Mom. But if you don't want to do it with me, I understand."

"Oh, baby, you don't know how much I want to do all those things with you. And if you get chosen to be a model, you'll have thousands of guys wanting to do the same things to you," Brad told her.

"Would you like to see those guys do things with me, like you like to watch the girls on your computer?" Annie asked.

Brad hesitated, flushed and looked into the innocent eyes of his young daughter.

"Oh Jeez! You would! Oh, Daddy! That's rad! I'd do anything to turn you on and make you feel good. Like the girls on your computer do. If you'd like to watch guys do things with me, I'd love it," Annie exclaimed, wiggling her butt on Brad's lap.

"No, no, honey. I didn't say that!" Brad said weakly.

"But you would, wouldn't you? Tell me Daddy," Annie pressed him. She looked at the stained tissue on the desk, pointed to it and said, "Will you show me what you were doing to do that? Do those girls help you to do that?"

"Oh, sweetie, those girls didn't get me to do that. I was thinking of you and you alone when I did that," Brad said, sheepishly.

"Daddy! Show me. I want to see what you do," Annie exclaimed, sitting up in his lap, putting some uncomfortable pressure on Brad's hard cock. He groaned. "What's the matter?" Annie asked, concerned.

"Honey, you've got to move your lovely body or..." Brad gently moved Annie off his lap and tried to adjust his pants to alleviate the tightness on his hard cock.

Annie exclaimed, "Oh Daddy! Show it to me. I've wanted to see it for so long. Please?" She dropped to her knees beside him and started to unfasten Brad's pants. He tried to protest, but she ignored him and got his pants open. Brad's hard cock sprang out. Annie exclaimed with delight.

"Oh, Daddy. It's so kewl! Can I touch it? Can I?" Annie asked, but it was a pretty much rhetorical question as she grasped the hard cock with both hands. Brad gasped at her touch. Annie looked closely at the head and caressed the shaft with her hands. Brad couldn't do anything but slump back in the chair, put his head back and close his eyes, enjoying his daughter's touch.

A pearly drop of pre-cum, or maybe it was just residual cum from his prior ejaculation, seeped out of the hole at the head of his cock. "Daddy! Is this what that stuff on the tissue is? Show me. Please!" Annie cried, fascinated by what she was seeing. And feeling.

Brad groaned again. "Oh, fuck, honey. Yes, that's the stuff that I shoot when I cum. It's what I shot when I was thinking about you."

"Can I taste it Daddy. It won't hurt me will it?" Annie asked.

"No, no. honey. Go ahead. Lick it. Put your whole mouth on it. Oh, goddamn, that feels so good," Brad exclaimed, getting more and more aroused. Annie gave a tentative lick to the drop oozing out and thought 'Hmmm, doesn't taste like anything'. So she then put her whole mouth around the head of Brad's cock, reflexively swirling her tongue around the tip and head of it to get the taste. Brad groaned loudly at that, so she did it again.

Rubbing her hands up and down the shaft, Annie asked, "Does that feel good, Daddy? Am I doing it right? Like the girls on the computer do?"

Breathlessly, Brad said, "Oh, God, honey, yes. You're doing it exactly right. Oh, shit. It's never felt this good." Annie continued to gently stroke he dad's cock and lick and tongue the head of it. Every once in a while, she'd take the head in her mouth and see how much she could get in it, then swirl her tongue around and around. Each time Brad groaned, Annie knew she was probably doing something right and making her daddy feel very good. Annie continued for quite a while, alternately stroking Brad's cock, then taking the head in her mouth.

After a while, Annie looked up at her dad and asked, "Show me how the stuff comes out, Daddy."

Brad had just spurted a good sized load of cum just before Annie had come home, so he knew that it may take some time to get him to cum again. While what Annie was doing felt so good, Brad finally lifted her chin up to look at him and said, "Honey, it's gonna take some time to make me cum again. I did it just before you got here and it takes a guy some time to recuperate."

Annie gave him an adoring look and said, "That's OK, Daddy. I'll do it as long as  you want. I want to make you feel good."

"Oh, you are, baby. Honest. I've never felt like this. I've been wanting you for so long," Brad said.

"Me too, Daddy. I'll do anything for you. Tell me what I have to do to make it good for you. To get you to make some more of that stuff," Annie said and went back to tonguing and licking the head.

Brad put one of his hands over hers and helped guide her strokes up and down his shaft and put the other one behind her head, pressing lightly. As Annie pulled back, Brad pushed her head back down onto his cock. As he got more aroused, he pushed her head down a little further each time. Just as he was about to cum, he couldn't help it and pushed Annie's head down while thrusting his cock into her mouth. He felt his cockhead hit the back of her throat just as he started to spray his load of cum into her. Annie gagged and tried to pull back as the cum shot into her. She tried to breathe, but the cock was choking her and the cum spurting was too much; cum snorted out her nose as she tried to gasp for a breath.

After a couple of final spurts, Brad relaxed his grip on his daughter's head and she pulled back to get a breath. She looked up at Brad through watering eyes, his cum running out of her nose and drooling over her lips. Brad immediately thought he'd hurt his poor little daughter, but then Annie's face lit up in a brilliant smile as she looked up at him.

"Was that good, Daddy? Did I do it right? Did I make you feel good?" Annie asked, wanting nothing but to please her daddy. She reflexively snorted in to clear some of the his cum from her nose, while the rest drooled down her upper lip.

"Oh fuck, honey, that was amazing. Yes, you did perfect," Brad told his beaming daughter. "I'm sorry I choked you, baby. I'm sorry."

Annie said, "No Daddy. I liked it. I really liked you shooting your stuff in my mouth. Can we do it some more? I like it."

Brad lifted his young daughter up and sat her on his lap, his cock wilting enough so that it was no longer uncomfortable. He hugged her to him tightly and just rocked her a little until he caught his breath and his heart quit pounding in his ears.

"Oh, shit, baby. That was amazing. I love you so much," Brad said quietly to Annie.

Giggling, Annie said, "You're using all those nasty words, Daddy. Is that what happens when you get excited and do sex stuff?"

Brad said, "Damn... I mean, darn! I'm sorry baby. No, I shouldn't be using those words in front of you. But it was just so good, I couldn't help myself."

Annie cuddled to him and said, "That's OK, Daddy. I sorta like it. You can say all those things anytime you want. And Daddy?"

"Yes, sweetheart?" Brad answered.

"Is this sex? Did we, like, have sex? I liked it if it was," Annie said, sighing contentedly.

Brad had caught his breath and said, "It was one kind of sex, honey. It's called oral sex. That's when one person makes the other one feel good with their mouth."

Annie thought a bit and then said, "So what's it called when you rub me down there and make me feel good like you did when I was younger? Isn't that sex?"

"Well, yes, in a way," Brad said. He thought for a second then said, "We're gonna have to have a long talk about this. There's so much that you'll want to know about sex."

"Oh, I'd like that Daddy. I want you to teach me everything there is to know about sex. I like it. It makes me feel so good," Annie told him.

Brad's thoughts were a whirlwind of images and feelings. His daughter felt so erotic in his arms, but he felt guilty for what he'd done. Breaking the taboos. Brad just held his nine year old daughter's bare body to his and thought about what he'd gotten himself into.

Annie's thoughts were different. She'd finally gotten to do something that's she'd wanted to do for a long time. Ever since her daddy had rubbed her and made her feel so good. She was happy that she could do something that would make him happy. And she wanted to do it over and over again. And do even more.

The two sat there for a while, each in their own little world of thought. Annie closed her eyes and enjoyed the arousal that she felt. She'd sniff once in a while and get the taste of her dad's cum again from what had gotten into her nose. She licked her lips to get a little of it from there and decided that it wasn't a bad taste. Felt sort of slimy, but it wasn't bad. She wanted to get more and do it again.

They sat there for some time, not realizing how much time had passed until they both heard a door open and close. Brad sat up, standing Annie up. He whispered fiercely, "Grab your clothes and get into your room. Quick! If your mom finds out we'll both be in the dog house. Quick!"

Annie grabbed her clothes from the floor and ran out, grabbing her book bag that she'd dropped in the doorway as she went. Brad stood up, fastened his pants and sat down again. He spied the cum soaked tissue on the desk and grabbed it. He was throwing it into the garbage can under his desk as Deborah stuck her head around the doorway.

"Hi, sweetie," she said as Brad turned to smile at her. When he saw her gaze move to his monitor, Brad had a rush of fear, realizing that he'd not shut down the picture files that Annie was looking at with him earlier. His head swiveled around and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw just the screensaver displayed on the screen. He almost made the mistake of reaching for the mouse, but caught himself in time. If he'd moved the mouse and deactivated the screen saver, he knew what picture of which naked young girl would be displayed. So instead, Brad got up and walked to his wife, giving her a big kiss.

When he pulled back, Deborah looked at him with a quizzical expression. He realized that he hadn't usually greeted her with such a show of affection in a while. So Brad said, "Got some great news, hon. The company that wants to represent Annie for modeling looks to be a pretty reputable company. I talked to the head man today and he wants her to come to their offices for a test shoot on Thursday after school. I'll be able to find out more then."

Deborah smiled and said, "That's wonderful. Have you told Annie yet? Is she in her room?" Deborah turned to go toward Annie's room and Brad realized that Annie might not have had enough time to get dressed yet. So he took a hold of Deborah's arm and stopped her.

Pulling her back, he said, "Hang on. I haven't mentioned it to her yet. I think the two of us should discuss it a bit first. Maybe decide on some ground rules first. Between us."

"Good idea," Deborah said. "I'll go make some dinner and we can talk about it." She gave Brad a peck on the cheek and headed to their bedroom to change. Brad went to Annie's door and stuck his head around it. Annie was sitting on her bed, brushing her hair, trying to look as innocent as she could. She'd put some old casual clothes on.

Brad whispered, "We're gonna make some dinner. Why don't you stay here and do some homework or something and let me talk to your mom."

Annie jumped up from the bed, walked to Brad and gave him a light kiss. "You gonna tell her about what we did?" Annie asked, grinning.

"Oh, God no!" Brad hissed. Then he smiled and said, "Love you sweetie."

"Love you too, Dad," Annie answered and went back to brushing her hair.

Brad headed to the kitchen and was soon joined by his wife. They decided to make some hamburgers and a salad and then they talked about what Brad had found out about the modeling agency and what Flannigan had told him. He pointed out that it was just a test shoot and nothing might come of it. If it did go well, Annie'd be asked back to do a complete modeling test shoot to see how she would work out. Deborah thought that it sounded OK, and she was a little excited for her daughter but a bit envious too. She told Brad she wished she could get the time off to go with them, but Thursday would definitely not work for that.

Annie came into the kitchen, gave her mother a kiss on the cheek and said, "Hi, Mom." She helped her parents put the food on the table and they all sat down to dinner. Brad looked at his daughter and said, "We need to talk to you about becoming a model. We've been talking and checked the company out and we've gotten some things sorted out. But before we decide anything, we want you to fully understand what this would mean."

Brad paused, seeing he had his daughter's attention and continued, "First you would need to keep up with your schoolwork as you would be missing a lot of school and not seeing your friends as much. The second is that, as your parents, we would sign a contract and it means you have to stick with modeling for 6 months at least. If, after that time, you don't want to continue then fine but if you do we could re-sign. At least if you did well enough that they wanted you."

Annie was listening, excited to think that she could actually become a model.  But the thought of not seeing her school friends very much would be a drag but in her heart she knew what she wanted to do and looking at her parents, she said, "Mom. Dad, I've been thinking about this too and I really do wanna do it and become a model."

Brad looked over at his wife and saw her smiling but knew that she had concerns for their daughter. Brad replied, "OK, Annie. Fine, But there's one more thing and that is that I'll be your manager."

Annie smiled, got up and hugged her father. She said, "Daddy that's great. I love you so much. I trust you totally! And thank you for letting me do this."

As Brad hugged his young daughter, he tried to force the thoughts about what it would be like to make love to her aside. He knew it was wrong but his lust for her was getting so much stronger. Especially when she rubbed her young body against his, as she was now.

Annie moved over to her mom and gave her a hug and kiss. "You too, Mom. I love you."

Brad said, "OK. Thursday we're scheduled for a test shoot at the agency. I'll pick you up at school and we'll go there. Now this is just a test to see how you can do and how you look on camera. So don't get your hopes up a lot. If they don't like what they see, then it'll be over. If they think you have some potential, then they will schedule a full blown session with hair, makeup, wardrobe, everything. I think, from what I was told was that that would be your "portfolio" shoot. And the cost of it will be deducted from whatever you start making from assignments. You understand?"

Annie nodded, excited. "So what do I gotta do Thursday to make sure they like me?"

Brad said, "I don't know honey. It's just like a screen test, where they see what you look like and how you act in front of the camera. How you hold yourself and present yourself. I don't know that there's anything you CAN do. Other than be yourself. I just don't know what they're looking for, honey."

Deborah said, "Annie, go through your magazines and see how the girls your age are pictured and what they're doing. Look at the advertisements. I think that's what they'll be looking at you for. They're not looking for a nine year old haute couture, runway model. That doesn't work. What they want is a happy, smiling young girl who looks good and moves good and takes directions well. Honey, I know you look good, and you do move well, but sometimes you're not very good at taking directions. You've got to be careful and listen and do what they want you to do. The term I've heard a lot is "easy to work with" when they talk about popular stars. You certainly don't want to get the reputation for being "difficult".

Annie squealed with excitement again, then seeing the looks on her parents' faces, settled down. She said, "Oh, this is so rad. I'm so jacked about this. Thank you both so much!"

Brad and Deborah tried to be serious while they finished dinner, trying to counteract Annie's excitement. They both knew that if this test shoot didn't work out, it would be a major disappointment to the girl and they didn't want her feeling hurt if that happened. Rejection could be difficult for such a young girl and they didn't want to get her hopes up.  But both shared a bit of her excitement inside.

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