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Have You BeenBlocked From Our Pages?

Some possible explanations

Because of the constant attacks by spammers, black hat hackers and others who wish to cause damage or problems to our site, we use a number of methods to minimize the attack potentials. If you have been blocked, it may have been because of these programs.

We use Zbblock to automate and minimize malicious access attempts to our pages. Sometimes that can block a legitimate user from accessing some of the pages on our site. We regret this, but the alternative of leaving the site open just isn't feasible.

If you use an anonymizing or proxy server, that usually will end up in access being blocked as this is a widely used method of hacking sites, in spite of also being used for legitimate access. We do not have ads, ad trackers, web beacons or such on our site, so you can use a normal ISP to access it and probably get through. You are not being tracked on our pages.

If you are located in a country that has a bad reputation for massive spamming or hacking attacks, such as China, Korea, Thailand or others, your access may be blocked. Also, many ISP providers may have a history of being a home for spammers or attackers. While you may legitimately deserve access, because your ISP has such a history, any access from their network is blocked.

While none of the above may apply to you, your ISP could have a history of attacks from some of their IP addresses and as a result, their whole range of IP addresses have been blocked from the server. This doesn't seem fair and we can sympathize, but it happens. We don't really have a good solution for this other than using another internet provider that aggressively takes action against such bad guys.